August 2, 2016 Rock & Roll Librarian

Hindsight is 20/20: Just ask Prince.


This was originally written in September 2015, and shared again with you just a few short months after his untimely — and very sad — death. 

Prince Roger Nelson — yes, that Prince — tells people who want to be artists, not to sign up with labels and such as that. You can read here his opinion in Rolling Stone magazine about slavery in the music business.

But, wait, you say. Didn’t Prince get to be as big as he is because of the distribution system and marketing dollars his label threw at him all those years?

Excellent question. Here’s the answer: Yes.

At the same time, Prince ended up fighting for ownership of his songs and the inherent rights to his intellectual property. You can read about that here as reported in the Toledo Blade.

Still, as Prince has come to realize, oh if only he knew then what he knows now: Own it and control it because after all, it’s not always about the fame.

The Rock and Roll Librarian has not spent her years in the stacks without gleaning from the wisdom of others. Many books are written by those who want to warn others not to follow in their footsteps. As Prince got older, it is a sure bet he realized his soul was not being fed. The RNRL also bets he had deeper messages in his music than what was exploited.

So he gives interviews and such just like you’ve read above.

Your next excellent question is: If music labels are not the place to be, what is the alternative to building my career?

That will be called do-it-yourself. That will be called Going Indie. The short version is: DIY/Indie. But that means you must understand the business. The RNRL has many books in the stacks and she’s read most of them. What she knows about most of the books is that they all tell you how to fit into the existing system as a slave.

Here is a book that tells you how to be independent. How to maintain control. Get it here.

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