June 16, 2016 Rock & Roll Librarian

It’s 2:00 AM. Do you know where your song titles are?


The Rock and Roll Librarian is calling out aggregators and music libraries who change the titles of songs placed with them.

In the book world, we have something called a card catalog. If two titles are the same, why we note the author’s name next and can easily see the difference between the two books.

So why do aggregators and music libraries often retitle songs placed with them?

And why do they also not tell their customer they are doing it?

They try to explain it away with “somebody else has the same song title.”

But it is a sure bet they do not have the same song title by the same artist or band.

In this day and age of everything being database driven, and all information available and able to be sorted by multiple fields, there is no longer any excuse for that.

Even one of our favorite publications serving Indies, Stomp and Stammer, noted in their review of a new album by Von Grey, that the CD titles did not match what came up in iTunes.

Here Jeff Clark is quoted: “…Not a total loss, however, because for some reason when the CD is inserted into a computer the songs show up on iTunes with completely different titles! I don’t know what “Yo, Excuse Me Miss” or “I Don’t Want to Be a Murder” have to do with anything on the EP…”

Anyway, the point is this: These big companies are playing with your money when they give your songs different names and have royalties sent to them.

If you have put any of your songs with music libraries or aggregators (such as CD Baby, TuneCore, or any others), it begs the question: Do you know what they are doing with your songs behind your back?

You’ve got questions now.

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