April 22, 2016 Rock & Roll Librarian

Free Freaky Friday: Jay Z’s troubles are causing you trouble

The Rock and Roll Librarian loves to share information about anything that can help you better understand the challenges you face in making money with your music, and so today she’s laying some information on you at no charge. She’s nice like that. But it’s because the Rock and Roll Librarian never kids with you about anything that can effect your business. She doesn’t like it when mogul types want to play fast and loose with her favorite peoples’ money and time and ownership of their own songs. So, when she says read these, she means read these. You won’t be wasting your time.

Here’s an article about Jay Z and one of his music business challenges of late and how that effects you. Read about Jay Z’s trouble here.

Here’s a letter to Kanye and Jay Z about them getting sued for lying to fans.

And here’s the follow-up letter to Kanye and Jay Z about how they don’t even know how digital distribution works!


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