January 29, 2016 Rock & Roll Librarian

Free Freaky Friday: Digital Aggregator Contracts Notated

Hey, everyone. We want to share beneficial information for you. Angela K. Durden, who is the author of Navigating The New Music Business as a DIY & Indie as well as the CEO of MyDigitalCatalog.com, has provided to the Rock and Roll Librarian a few documents for you.

Click this link to Get downloads of Digital Aggregator Contracts notated for easy reading.

One is for CD Baby. The other two are for a new service called ORFIUM.

Remember, WHAT THE BIG PRINT GIVETH, the little print taketh away. 

If you still want to know more, remember the RNRL is here for you in quite the affordable fashion. Just order up here:

Gotcha Report Offline Contract Review