September 11, 2015 Rock & Roll Librarian

Protecting your investment in yourself

Here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Seven links. One court case. All fighting over an essential point of copyright law that can drastically impact earnings.

One party (Flo & Eddie, Inc.) are attempting to get certain State Courts to make unilateral rulings bypassing a lawmaking body that has already spoken for the people.

The other parties — including Pandora (as defendant/appellant, university law professors (2 groups), the National Association of Broadcasters, Sirius, XM, and four other groups that deal with copyright — are fighting against Flo & Eddie, Inc.

The Big Lesson you need to take away here is this: All these people and organizations and professors are fighting over a point of copyright law because it is important to being profitable in the music business.

So, The Big Question you should answer is this: Are you giving away your rights to your songs by not taking care of the complete and proper documentation of each and every one of them?

If you are, then you can educate yourself on how to protect your investment in yourself.

You can read this. And this. And this.

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