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Before you sign, click or submit, make sure you know all the facts. Protect your rights and intellectual property. Don’t unknowingly sign your publishing and royalties away to anybody. The Rock & Roll Librarian is here to make sure you don't get screwed or make a career-blundering decision.


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The music industry never stands still. It's constantly changing, especially when it comes to tech. The Rock & Roll Librarian is here to help artists & entrepreneurs get the answers and advice needed to confidently make decisions and positively impact careers.

Gotcha Reports

Before your eyes go wiggy, have your agreements and contracts reviewed by the Rock & Roll Librarian. She’s not a lawyer, but loves to read. You’ll get a list of “gotchas” and questions to ask.

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Have a question about the music business that’s racking your brain or getting blank stares from others? Ask the Rock & Roll Librarian, if she can’t answer it, nobody can.

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You have an idea for making money in the music business, but you don’t know where to start or get good advice? Look no further. The Rock & Roll Librarian loves to dig.




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The Rock & Roll Librarian's primary goal is to help artists protect their IP and keep what's rightfully theirs. She's an expert researcher and loves to read fine print. Take advantage of her ridiculously low rates and make smart decisions that will grow your career and revenues. PayPal & credit cards accepted.

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